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Working remotely may seem like a dream. It’s all the rage. The promise of working in your pajamas or while sipping from coconuts on the beach has a lot of people looking for remote work wondering if it’s really possible. Those who may already be remote working wonder who these people are that have a remote job and yet lead a life so completely different than theirs. Yes, you can work remotely even if you don’t like coconuts and are more comfortable working in yoga pants than pajamas. However, not all remote working is created equal. I work with:

  • Individuals looking for remote work
  • Individuals who are struggling to make their remote job work and thinking about going out on their own
  • Companies interested in hiring remote workers
  • Companies who need help understanding how to manage a remote team

Freedom might be the new wealth but the wrong remote job makes you feel like a prisoner in your own home.

Remote is different

Finding a remote job, hiring, communicating, and managing remotely brings special challenges. I help my clients get the most out of working remotely, whether that be finding the right job, improving remote work schedules, or building a great team.

Find the right job

Applying for remote work through traditional methods can leave you very discouraged and wondering if you need to learn to code in order to find a job.

Improve work schedules

Managing remote teams doesn’t have to be difficult. By creating a communication strategy not only do you communicate more effectively and seamlessly, you spend less time having to manage and more time able to develop your team members.

Build a great team

Not all remote companies are great to work for. I guide my clients to ask the key questions when looking for remote work to find a position just right for them. Attracting and hiring the right talent for your remote team is crucial. I help my clients get their messaging right.


Learn how Melissa went virtual after gaining over 15 years of experience as an executive assistant.

  • 2013

    Family Relocation

    Melissa needed to relocate for the needs of her family and became the first remote working employee for the company.

  • December 2014

    The PVA was born!

    After working remotely for her employer for several months Melissa decided not to renew her contract and start her own business. The PVA was born!

  • May 2016

    Bestselling Book

    Melissa’s first book was released and only a few days later would become a bestseller. At the time Melissa found out she was walking through the Plasa de Messina in Nice, France.

  • January 2017

    Location Independent

    Melissa became location independent and would end up traveling to 16 countries in 12 months.

  • April 2017

    Virtual Summit

    Melissa launched the Admin to VA Summit.

  • May 2017

    First Online Course

    Melissa taught her first online course.

  • June 2018

    Remote Work Consulting

    Began being sought out for remote working consulting.

  • January 2018

    A 2nd Bestselling Book

    Melissa released her second book which went on to become her second bestseller.

  • February 2018

    Remote Work for a Global Company

    Worked as a remote Director of Support within a fully distributed company.

  • October 2018


    Melissa became a contributing author to the Remote-how Academy’s remote work individual certification.

  • March 2019

    Launched the
    Association of Virtual Assistants

    Melissa launched the AVA - a trusted source of information in the VA industry promoting high standards of excellence within her Association.

  • April 2019

    Virtual Business Summit

    Melissa ran the VBS, helping VAs learn from 24 world-class experts and Virtual Business leaders, including an Emmy-award winner, those at the top of the Forbes list, and influential masterminds who work at the some of the world’s best companies serving virtual businesses.

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Meet Melissa Smith

Otherwise known as 'The Personal Virtual Assistant', Melissa is a remote work consultant, virtual assistant matchmaker, bestselling author and host of the Admin to VA Summit.

Melissa Smith

Remote work consultant

Melissa Smith has been working remotely since 2013 when she became the first employee at her company to do so. Only a few short years later, in 2017, she became location independent. During that time she traveled to 16 countries in 12 months while running her business. Now Melissa teaches and consults others on how to make remote working work. Additionally, Melissa is one of the authors for the first online, globally recognized remote work individual certification through Remote-how Academy.

Melissa is also the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Become A Successful Virtual Assistant. Otherwise known as The PVA (The Personal Virtual Assistant), Melissa is frequently sought after for her knowledge and expertise on remote working. She has since gained international recognition and has been featured in The Muse, Spark Hire and Nomad Capitalist as well as many other publications.

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